“Already Mine” – Jonathan Nelson

The Fashionesta, Forever21 trench, scarf, Anjolee earrings

Glasses: Warby Parker | Earrings: c/o Anjolee | Jacket: Forever21 (from ~8 years ago) | Shirt: Gap (similar) | Jeans: Madewell (similar) | Bag: Madewell | Shoes: Zara | Photos by: Quinnton Harris Wow, guys, the first quarter of 2015 is flying by. And as elusive as spring weather seems to be right now, you’ll always find me in colors and patterns. I’ve had this trusty, bright trench since high school and it never lets […]

Personal Styling Service!

The Fashionesta, Erika Butler, Keaton Row, personal stylist

Hi, friends! I have a bit of big news: I’ve officially launched an online website to provide my personal styling services! Since it’s 100% online, the platform—which is hosted by an organization called Keaton Row—simplifies the styling process for my clients and makes it incredibly convenient for you to communicate your wardrobe needs to me. […]

Where are All the Black Bloggers?

The Fashionesta, Black Bloggers, Fashion Week, Fashion Month, BlakeVonD

As evidence of my addiction to fashion, Fashion Month is on the short list of my favorite times of the year. I follow the shows, the reviews, the behind-the-scenes access, and the street style that happens on the sidewalks outside of the presentations, as well. I even look forward to documenting my own experiences at the […]

Marching Against Police Violence

The Fashionesta, National March Against Police Violence, Washington DC, race, culture

It has become a piece of lore within my family’s history.  With our roots in Washington, DC tracing as far back as four generations (at least), the merge of various sociopolitical and cultural climates have often been visible—either peripherally or intimately—through snapshots of my family history.  The piece of lore which I am referring to […]